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Agenda item ID: 6110
Date: 2019-03-07 11:28:49
Agenda item: Clarify Hive distribution

Agenda details: Request clarification on what volunteer groups the Hive Volunteer Kitchen is generally expected to cater for? i.e infrastructure, villages, Arts, members, elders camp etc? (No formalised agreement last year caused significant problems with supplies, transport and standard operations)

Motion: none

Item by: Shardae Reed

Agenda item ID: 6122
Date: 2019-03-07 20:09:57
Agenda item: open volunteer list update

Agenda details: Asking Volunteer coordinator to provide facilitators with updated list of how many and contact details. To communicate openly and keep facilitators in the loop

Motion: volunteer facilitator to improve lines of communication

Item by: Guy Wildey (bruhon)

Agenda item ID: 6130
Date: 2019-03-13 19:15:55
Agenda item: Volunteer kitchen

Agenda details: Could we please discuss the volunteer kitchen. I understand a Hive is being built on site but have not seen or heard anything about a kitchen crew or good budget. Will there be meals provided this year or do the various departments need to apply for a catering budget as has been put forward by the front gate crew.

Motion: None.

Item by: Trevor Pitt

Agenda item ID: 6131
Date: 2019-03-13 22:50:15
Agenda item: Vehicle Allocation

Agenda details: Adzy Wallace is concerned that signage will not have a site vehicle to do the work. Can we allocate a 4wd to Signage team to enable smooth distribution of signs in an orderly time and fashion.

Motion: give Signage a 4wd with a trailer from the 10th onwards.

Item by: Guy Stephen Wildey (Bruhon)

Agenda item ID: 6137
Date: 2019-03-14 11:05:15
Agenda item: Site co-ordinator and site access

Agenda details: Can we please confirm who is acting as the site co-ordinator and who is approving site access requests, including early entry.


Item by: Trevor Pitt

Agenda item ID: 6138
Date: 2019-03-14 19:06:58
Agenda item: Personal Protective Equipment Category and Budget Allocation - 14 March

Agenda details: Prior to last September working bee I was offered a pair of really good 'near new work boots by Mark, that he had found elsewhere. Mark did this because he noticed that my boots were no longer appropriate for the work I was volunteering to do. I have provided my own work boots for several years as do all the other DTE Volunteers. I do not need this style of boot to complete any other personal work other than DTE work. So I have really worn down the boots which I bought several years ago for my first set up. The boots donated by Mark were too big for me, after all so I asked each of the working bees onsite at the time if they might like to take the boots, if they were suitable size. There were several hard working long term Volunteers who all said, Yep! I ended up needing to decide who got the boots and this felt not ok with me. I think DTE can have a PPE funds pool for this items and that people who really need to access these funds should be invited to do so. Tonight I have submitted a personal budget application as new process but would like this in future a standard general access. I do not see that the same people who Volunteer thousands of hours will also take any liberties with this funding category, that those who really need apppropriate PPE will utilise this option as required. This may include boots, chaps, leather gloves, wide brim hats etc (I have managed to keep the same gloves across 4 Confests and several working bees so I would like a good leather pair etc as would other regular Volunteers)

Motion: That a general access fund of $4000 be allocated from the Confest Operations Budget for 24hr Volunteers to apply to, for their PPE as required.

Item by: Ellen Brogan 1710

Agenda item ID: 6140
Date: 2019-03-21 08:49:33
Agenda item: Waste Management Update

Agenda details: Most waste created at confest goes into landfill. Attendees are supposed to take their waste home. The leave no trace polity is only partially working. Moulamein Town was left in a bad state last ConFest due to bags of rubbish dumped there. So this year we are planning to still keep the leave no trace policy but to deal with the waste that is left. That is to sort and recycle as much as possible. Bob the recycler will take the recyclables. Waste to CWS as per usual. Organic waste will go to Biomix who create compost that is distributed to farmers. 0000


Item by:

Agenda item ID: 6141
Date: 2019-03-21 15:26:54
Agenda item: DTE membership forms

Agenda details: Having handed out a Lot of membership form we now find it increasingly hard to get a quorum. Most (not all) new members neither attend meetings are are heard on our e-mail forums.

Motion: That membership application forms are handed out only on request and NOT to all volunteers.

Item by: Lars #1685)