DTE could do better at confest by...


Too much to state here.

Stop intruding dominant system ways

Spend a little money on getting the important things done

Provide a safe environment for children

perform in accordance with legislation, regulations, and relevant industry standards

Organise and comply with Council and WHS

More input from members - the noisiest members disappear

More co-leads as demonstrated by the rangers. Team leaders are under huge strain at the festival (as in operations, wellness, wellbeing, plumbing). Burning people out is not sustainable or enjoyable.

let Confest evolve naturally rather than force changes

I really think that the time is coming to employ some staff to ensure minimum standards are met. For things like water supply, possibly toilets, and some site prep. We have this leave no footprints mentality - however the site is littered with old junk from past temporary installations (truck tarps etcera) doing a few things like building toilet blocks to facilitate active composting toilets like Andy Tannahills Composting toilets (google him). It sounds like council and insurers will shut Confest down unless we lift our game and you can’t expect a few vols to run it at the level required nowadays.

Gather ideas and feedback from ConFesters.

Expanding the workforce of the Wellness tent, so they have the resources to man a satellite Wellness station and/or roaming teams. To enable and empower them to reach out proactively, esp. in problem hotspots like the massage tent.

Educate directors and core workers to enable and empower rather than argue and push people around.

DTE should do less at Confest

DTE main focus should be on having a SUMMER ConFest

Drive more arts and sustainable environmental projects

Confest itself is mostly self managing. The processes around it (volunteers kitchen etc) are totally broken.

Better planning and reduce the waste of money

Better manage resources, empower people and stop interfering unnecessarily

Better leadership and organisation

Be more organised

Basic services eg water, toilets, more strongly encourage less use of mind altering substances, abusers spoil their & many others Confest, much better recycling & waste management

Allow those who are given the responsibility of facilitating to do their job without interference and criticism from semi informed DTE members who have a problem for every solution and apply it to everyone else's area of responsibility.

1.) provide cubicles in the wool-shed for villages. 2.) have some permanent dwellings for working bees and first-aid 3.) erect a sound-barrier around drumming away from sleeping places. 4.) find more activities like the silent disco for youngsters. 5.) have a free day for locals towards the end of the festival. 6.) get t-shirts for senior members who are always willing to advise and help. 7.) have a DTE village and give workshops to attract new members.