Are you happy with DTE...


You put on a great event.

Too much online bickering and in house fighting

Too much fighting

There is a pre-dominant culture of abuse within the organisation, and a great lack of ethical awareness and practise.

The structure and bylaws since it started has proven for hostility from the start to now.

The manipulation of meetings and misleading of members by self interested individuals makes a farce of DTE management.

So much potential wasted.

poor organisation, cliquey

Poor member behaviour

Not sure how to contribute. Too much dispute. Not welcomed.

No dispute resolution system. Too much fraud.

It's not the board members that I have issues with as such, it's all the conflict and nastiness I have seen since being a member and seeing it in emails!!!! It makes me very sad.

it appears that a very few have taken over by controlling most of what is going on. They override anyone by being the most verbal and overturn decisions of the membership with false excuses.

Infighting, lack of respect for Rules. lack of leadership and inclusiveness.

I’m not highly engaged outside of the festival time, that’s okay with me.

I'm not happy with the sort of behaviour that I hear happens at meetings and which I believe is unacceptable

I see a lot of people being hurt needlessly

Far too much politicking and too many good people driven away over trivial bullshit

Far too many meetings, Far too toxic discussion. Far too much inefficiencies. Far too much waste of money

Emotionally wearing

DTE is wasting money like never before. It seems as if there are two options for a task the more expensive one is chosen as a matter of course. Questioning this leads to the person being abused, so people are now scared to question/oppose excessive budgets leading to more waste.

DTE has come along way in the time of my involvement :)

Corruption, abuse of power, discrimination

Concerns te $, far too much bitching, very disappointing Easter 18 Confest, so much time spent on wristbands but water supply to toilets was not ready, First Aid had no lights, or water, no secure storage for drugs & equipment, 1/2 its stuff still at the old site, ...

all the vitriol and uninformed masses prevent the real work that needs to happen all for the point of personal agendas