Suggested improvements for DTE...


work to make Confest run better for volunteers

Too many to name !

To ban bullies, psycopaths, and inhumane, unethical types.

that people who have credenuals, or proven experience, be actually have the power to make decisions, instead of a rabble of backbenches. that external consultation be sought to create policies and procedures with regards to how to run dte and confest, in line with industry standards

Start meetings on time. Have a competent Chair. Genuinely include and listen to members. Offer genuine transparency. Follow DTE rules. Utilise the strengths of the membership. Gather more information and feedback on how to improve. Bring more of ConFest into DTE.

Respect for office holders and other members.

Open declaration of conflict of the nterest, personal agendas need to comply with DTE aims

New members who are capable

More tolerance and respect

Make new members welcomed. Stop the bitterness between members.

Less scrapping and more tolerance of others

Less emails, more use of an up to date working platform like Slack.

It’s hard. There seems to be factions and a few members talk in rather hostile terms, especially the emails - I could not stand the emails and the hostility (but this was a couple of years ago)

I wish I had a solution.... :(

I don't think you can change the egos in the room

Having members learning to live well together and stop

Get rid of the members - from what l have seen in the last 25 years it them buggers that cause most of the problems - Dte would run so much better without people running around the place causing havoc

Get rid of the gang of four directors.

Get rid of the DICTATORS, actually run legal meetings, inclusiveness, transparency, honesty

Don't waste time , and money on a Spring ConFest

Dispute resolution with teeth!

Directors should all be independent - not vote as group

Change the structure to a bicameral one, with an Executive and a Board overseeing them

Better finance processes with more accountability. All spending must be reviewed in open meetings.

A structure and bylaws which lets the board and team facilitators do there job. Still with transparency and the ability for members to vote to ammend or overturn a board or facilitator decision.

A new board

1.) have a neutral chairperson run meetings. 2.)cut off all microphones while someone is speaking to stop interjections. 3.) keep the social contacts alive by attending in person if possible. 4.) get a much tighter control of money being spent 5.) stop the bloody arguing.