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What year did you become a DTE member?

Why did you become a member of DTE?

Are you happy with DTE?


Please tell us more



Do you believe DTE meetings and committees are inclusive?

Are you on any of the current DTE or ConFest mailing lists?

Do you feel you will renew your DTE membership?

Would you be interested in Confest membership?

Is there any person or group within DTE that keeps you away?

Have you attended a DTE meeting?

What year was the last meeting you attended?

How would you describe your experience?

Have you ever attended any DTE meetings other than SGM or AGM?

How would you describe your experience?

Have you been informed about our meetings?


If you no longer come to meetings, why?

What are your feelings about attending DTE meeting in the future?

What improvements do you suggest for DTE?

What could DTE do better at ConFest?

Do you feel the questions asked above have been open and fair?

What question would you have like seen included above?




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