Suggested questions that could have been included...


Would you like more respectful behaviour from members

Why have you not attended meetings?

Why do you think the vibes at DTE are so very different at ConFest

Who can I trust to listen to my grievances objectively

What do you believe is the biggest risk for Confest

Should we have personnel onsite year round?

Please name the people who have wrecked your attempts to help with the festival.

not sure at this time




Is our Board fit for duty ?

How much time could you comit to DTE ?

How does DTE go abour reducing the ridiculously fragmented management structure which is not effective or efficient. Youn could also construct the layout and presentation of the survey in a way that makes it easier to read and write into.

how could DTE become more inclusive

Asking if any other comments - Thank you to all the many who work so long and hard for our enjoyment of Confest. I wish DTE could do more in wider community in a war on waste and community building