Reasons why people have become members of DTE


Wish to present my ideas

wanted to be involved

Voting. Was worried particularly about one loud director that seems to have since departed.

To make quorum at meetings

to learn more, to share with others, to be part of Confest

To improve the atmosphere of the group. To give back

to help with practical work and ideas.

To help with a brilliant re-humanising event.

To help make ConFest amazing

To help maintain something awesome

To help build a better Confest and to protect it

To help better our event and find ways for societal change.

To help

To contribute to the operation of the cooperative.

to contribute and ensure delivery of a good result

To become more involved with ideas in improving ConFest

To become involved with my people

To be more connected with ConFest

liked the ideals, uniqueness

Interested in supporting.

I loved the atmosphere and philosophies of confest, and I loved being part of the volunteer team.

I enjoy volunteering and the Confest community

Help improve the organisation

Enjoyed confest and wanted to help.

Enjoy Volunteering

Become involved in how it works and learn things

Because of a passionate love of ConFest.

Because I had done enough volunteer hours to qualify for membership so thought I might as well join up

Because apparently my opinions and thoughts were not valid unless I was