Reasons why people no longer attend DTE meetings


Unresolved issues re reimbursement of money

Too much waste of time and too much time on trivialities and regurgitating decisions

Too much time-wasting angst and far too many petty pissing contests

Too far, on last be clashes with family life, frustrations re so much argument, disappointment that so much money s spent on external agencies

Too chaotic

Time and lack of interest

there seems to be a lot of people who carry on only so they are heard. the actually contribute little to nothing physically to the endeavour, and in fact railroad nearly everything. instead of doing research or making informed decisions, they instead act on feelings and behave like toddlers having a tantrum.

The hostility makes other things in life take priority.

The fighting and nastiness from some people

No idea when they are. Only came to one by chance meeting with other date member. Also they are long and not very interesting maybe especially online as this is how I have been. Never in person

Meetings do not start on time. Meetings are disorganised. Votes are ignored. Why bother?

I have more productive things to put my time into rather than be abused as a volunteer, misinformed as a DTE member asnd treated as a moron by some who seem to believe they alone have management skills.

I have been but I am thinking about it. Any difference of opinion to certain board members and their small group of friends is met with ridicule and abuse, and rarely causes a difference as the board repeatedly overrules decisions

Constant interruptions

Busy with other things atm

Because I live in Sydney

badly run and hostile

Abusive and disrespectful behaviour by a number of non director members.